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Cincinnati Director of Nursing Recognized For Superior Caregiving

NOTE: The following news story honors Sheila Payne, Director of Nursing, at Clermont Care Center. The story was taken from the Foundations Health Solutions website. To learn more about Foundations, click the link below.

October 19, 2017
Each month nursing home developer, Brian Colleran, seeks to honor a caregiver in Ohio known for going above and beyond in the areas of resident satisfaction and clinical excellence. This month's award goes to Sheila Payne.

Sheila has been serving the residents and staff of Clermont Care Center for more than 18 years. As Director of Nursing, she has developed strong relationships with both her residents and her staff. There isn't a person that comes through the doors of Clermont Care Center that doesn't know Sheila. Any of these residents, families, or staff members know that all they have to do is come see Sheila and their problems are solved. Simply put, Sheila runs an excellent facility.

I have had the privilege of working with Sheila over the last year. She is dedicated to our residents and the overall operations of the facility." said Shelby Williams, administrator at Clermont Care Center, "When I first met Sheila I could tell how passionate she was about supporting her nursing staff and delivering the best care possible. I am constantly impressed by all that Sheila takes on while continuing to exceed all expectations set for her."

Shelia has been at Clermont for almost 18 years and in that time she has developed strong relationships with both her residents and her staff. Residents visit her daily and recognize her as someone who is safe and always sticks to their word.

“I’ve worked with Shelia for many years…we have strong bonds both professionally as well as personally. I have such great respect for her as does other coordinators. Shelia always has our backs..guides us..teaches us..and is steady and constant. The amount of hours Shelia puts in a week is just one example of her dedication to Clermont. She’s approachable with any issue. She listens and truly cares. I have had other opportunities through the years to leave Clermont but because of Shelia, I couldn’t leave. I know I could never find a boss that could even hold a candle to her. She’s the best! She is so deserving of winning a prestigious caregiver award!” said one of her Nurse Managers

Another nurse said the following regarding Sheila's leadership, "A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leaders asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting. A boss is interested in herself; a leader is interested in the group. Shelia truly is my work mom. I love her!"

Sheila is the epitome of the caregivers that Brian Colleran is proud to recognize with his caregiver award. She doesn't see tasks to be done in her nursing home; she sees people she is privileged to care for.

“There is a sense of comfort knowing Shelia is our DON – she is extremely knowledgeable, always willing to help regardless of the situation, and she “always has a plan”. She is a great asset to Clermont Nursing Care Center!” said the social worker at Clermont.

Shelia first worked at Clermont as a nursing assistant in high school. She worked full time as she attended school to be a registered nurse. She is well known for her diligent commitment quality measures and clinical excellence! She has helped multiple facilities and mentored countless nurses. While doing all that she somehow exceeds at home, too. She is constantly contributing to her Goshen community and diving into volunteer events. She is a super mom to her two beautiful girls and a fun grandma to her three grandbabies! 

Thank you Sheila for being a shining example of what caregiving truly means in Ohio!

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